Open source market: a banquet to eat?

Industrial PC, in vehicle pc, Embedded pc

Industrial PC, in vehicle pc, Embedded pc

With the smorgasbord of Open Source Software (OSS) available for developers to dine from, it’s vital they “eat right” by choosing the OSS compatible with their existing project and IP needs.

Open Source Software (OSS) offers intelligent systems designers a veritable smorgasbord of tools and technology. Spanning the entire software stack, from boot code and drivers to OSs, executives tomiddleware, and application components to development tools, OSS provides readily available alternatives to both legacy commercial software and also to in-house code developed from scratch.

But dining at the open source table is not an embedded bean feast – code gathered à la carte might not always integrate easily to make a well-formed “meal.” While literally millions of OSS projects are available on popular forges and hubs, developers must take care to choose the right technology ingredients and tidbits to fit project and intellectual property needs.


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