Telehealth achievement in progress

This is just one example of why embedded computer telehealth strategies are poised to revolutionize medicine. Telehealth not only provides quick access to specialists, but can also remotely monitor patients and reduce clinical expenses. Many of the systems needed to realize these benefits will operate on the edge, and require technology with the portability and price point of commercial mobile platforms, as well as the flexibility to perform multiple functions securely and in real time. All of this must be provided in a package that can meet the rigors of certification and scale over long lifecycle deployments.

“Qseven does make it easier to design  embedded computer with because bringing up an Android system is not easy, contrary to popular opinion. Everybody has an Android system but those also drive a significant amount of volume in mobile and they put a lot of investment and people to make that happen. You cannot really do that in other spaces. Bringing up a stable platform is very important, and just having that modular architecture makes it so you do not really have to go and change things around too much.”

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